Clean Funny Mirrors with Kaju and Mei Mei!
Fun and Healthy Screen time for Kids

Wouldn’t it be fun if the mobile phones our children spend hours playing with could actually be used them to keep them physically active? Well, that’s what this Kaju app does!

Rub Scrub – Clean Funny Mirrors is a fun motion based game where children use their hands and their body to clean funny mirrors and reveal their funny faces on them!

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Motion Based Games for Kids
Play on TV

With our wireless casting option you can experience this game on your TV screen.

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Fun Indoor Activites

Our motion based kids games can also double up as fun and engaging indoor activities. So it will be a good option to keep kids active and wear out their energy when you cannot take them to the playground/garden due to snowfall, rain etc.

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This funny mirrors game is designed for kids 2-6 years old!

How to play the rub scrub game?

It’s simple. All you have to do is turn on the app and place your device on a flat surface. Now ask your child to stand in front of it and start using their hands and body to clean the mirror and discover if it’s a funny mirror. Once a mirror is cleaned the game will move on to another mirror. Children earn points based on how quickly and how many mirrors they can clean before the timer expires.
The player with the most number of points wins.
If you want, you can join in the fun too!

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