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What do we do?

We make motion based educational games for children so that they get off their seat and on their feet during their Screen Time!

This not only keeps kids physically active and engaged, but also makes learning a fun experience for them.

Our motion based games access your mobile device's front camera and turn it into a portable gaming and learning console for kids thus making their screen time also their 'on your feet' time!

Motion Based Games
Motion based games

Ensure your child is physically active, while playing Kaju games on your mobile, tablet or TV.

Learning Activities

Help your child grow, with age appropriate kids games, nursery rhymes and more.


Inculcate reading as a habit, with exciting children's stories and animated storybooks.

rhymes tile

Get Kids on their feet while listening/learning new kids songs and nursery rhymes

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Why motion based games?

Children love to jump, skip and hop around. They are full of energy. Research has shown that being physically active during the learning process helps children understand ideas and concepts better especially in these early years.

With the way the world is changing, many children are not able to get enough physical activity, and are unable to realise their full potential.

We use the different sensors in your device (like the camera) to make this magic happen.

Kaju is loved and recommended by renowned educators and industry experts!

Kaju is already a part of 100+ schools across India where thousands of Children learn different concepts across English, Math and General Knowledge with Kaju’s movement based learning modules.

‘Children learn best on their feet and not on their sear. That’s exactly what we achieved with Nayi Disha’

– Swati Popat Vats, Podar Education Network, India

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Intel Innovation Award, APEC Accelerator Network Summit & Global Challenge held at Taipei, Taiwan

Why Kaju?
Kaju activities are designed by experts for your child’s all-round development!
motion based games

Motion Based Games for

Physical Development
learning activities

Learning Activities for

Brain Development

Stories for

Reading Skills Development
family activities

Family Activities for

Social-Emotional Development
Kaju Games
Rub Scrub : Clean Funny Mirrors

Fun motion based game for kids. Learn more

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Dance on Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Song. Learn more.

Dance with Mei Mei

Kids dance and learn/listen to their favorite songs and nursery rhymes. Learn more

Jingle Bells

Dance with Mei Mei on the Jingle Bells Song and make Christmas Holidays fun! Learn more.

Things That Fly

Kids play and learn to identify birds and animals! Learn more

Learn with Kaju

Fun after school activities for kids! Learn More

Learn Numbers with Kaju

Kids Jump, play and learn numbers at the same time! Learn more

Kaju activities are designed for children 2-6 years old!
Parents Love Kaju!
“My Child loves Kaju! Not only does he learn while being physically active, Kaju also teaches him many good habits which counters what he otherwise picks up from TV.” – Anil M.
“Kaju is my son’s favourite. Infact it is the biggest incentive that gets him to school everyday.”– Dr. Shweta
“Kaju is lovable. It is fun to learn with Kaju”– Gulab Vaswani
“Very good app for kids to learn in a playful way” – Chandrashekhar Balaji
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