Learn about things that fly!
Play and learn about birds and animals!

Things that fly is a fun game for kids which helps them learn about different birds that can fly! The motion tracking technology in the app helps us track your child’s movements. With this tracking we make learning about birds and animals a fun experience for children by asking them to flap their hands like a bird’s wing when they see a bird in the game!

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Making Learning Fun
50+ Birds and Animals

The game covers a wide range of birds and animals like pet birds, pet animals, wild animals, jungle birds, jungle animals, zoo birds, zoo animals, flying birds and animals, sea animals, sea birds etc. Also, we keep adding new birds and animals at frequent intervals.

Play on TV!

If you have a chromecast (or an Android TV) you can cast* this game on your TV make get kids on their feet during their TV time.

*Casting is available on devices running Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) or higher

This fun learning game is designed for kids 2-6 years old.

Healthy screen time for Kids!

The app then uses your device’s front camera to track your child’s movements and provide them with the correct feedback.

Different game play actions like flapping, bending etc. ensure that Kids remain physically active while playing this fun game about birds and animal and at the same time, ensuring healthy screen time for your Kids.

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