Motion Based Games for Kids
What does Kaju do?

Kaju is a revolutionary new learning app for preschool children that is designed to make your child’s after-school time fun. The app is loaded with multiple hours of age–appropriate content for your child. This includes motion based games, fun learning activities and beautiful stories.

Kaju’s motion based games are designed based on the award winning motion recognition technology of Nayi Disha Studios.

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Make Screen Time healthy!
Play on TV

If you have a Chromecast (or an Android TV) you can cast this game on your TV make get kids on their feet during their TV time.

Kids learning numbers with Kaju on TV
Motion Based Games

The app uses different sensors on your phone (front camera and accelerometer) to track your child’s movements which are then used in the games. This ensures that kids are physically active even though they are playing a mobile game!

Kids learning numbers on iPad

Kaju activities are designed for children 2-6 years old!

Why Motion Based Games?

Children love to jump, skip and hop around. They are full of energy. Research has shown that being physically active during the learning process helps children understand ideas and concepts better especially in these early years.

With the way the world is changing, many children are not able to get enough physical activity, and are unable to realize their full potential.

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