What is Kaju?

Kaju is an after school learning activity program designed for your child’s all round development. Kaju activities will be delivered to you every month on your iOS/Android phone or tablet.

What will I exactly get on signing up for the Kaju After School program?

After signing up for Kaju After School program, you will get access to the Kaju App for your iOS/Android device. The App will have multiple learning activities across English, Maths and General knowledge along with exciting stories to inculcate reading habits amongst children.

New activities and stories will be automatically added and updated to the Kaju App every month for one year.

What devices do I need to have to use the Kaju App?

The Kaju App will run on Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone and iPad.

What age group are the Kaju activities designed for?

Kaju activities are designed for children 2-6 years old.

Where can I buy the Kaju After School program?

Currently the Kaju After School program is exclusively available on kajuafterschool.com

How much does the Kaju after school program cost?

You can preorder One Year Subscription for the Kaju After School program for a special introductory price Rs. 99 per month only (Use promo “EARLYSTART” to get discounted price). The offer is only valid till pre-ordering is available. You can purchase or gift your subscription here – kajuafterschool.com

We accept online payments from all leading banks, credit cards and debit cards.

What will my child learn after using the Kaju After School program?

The Kaju program comes with learning activities across English, Maths and General Knowledge. The program also comes with carefully-crafted beautiful story books which help inculcate reading habits amongst children.

I am concerned that letting my child use a mobile device may make him/her sedentary. How will the Kaju App help me tackle this?

Many of the learning activities in the Kaju App are motion enabled! They require physical movements from your child. This ensures that children are not sedentary while playing with Kaju, but are jumping, hopping, moving around resulting in a lot of physical activity while learning.

How will I get to know if my child is actually learning anything from the Kaju App?

The Kaju App has a parent portal which lets you monitor your child’s progress on the App. It will give you details like the activities your child is playing, time they are spending on these activities, and errors they are making. The Parent Portal will also generate periodic reports about your child’s performance.

Where all can my child use the Kaju App?

As the App requires no parent intervention or any setup, children can engage with Kaju absolutely anywhere.

How will I get a confirmation of my order?

Once you complete the payment process, you will receive a confirmation mail along with your login details for your app. If you don’t receive a mail from us within an hour of making payment, please write to homework@nayidishastudios.com. We’ll be more than happy to speed up things for you.

Is there a trial period?

Families can try the product for one month, and if they’re unhappy with the product, we will refund the full amount – no questions asked.

How do I pay for the program?

We accept online payments from all leading banks, credit cards and debit cards.

I could not find my bank on your netbanking option. What should I do now?

In this case, we would request you to drop us a mail at homework@nayidishastudios.com mentioning your banker’s name and we will be glad to add them to our list of net banking options.

Can I gift the Kaju program to someone?

Yes, once you visit Kaju After School click on Gift Kaju option instead of Get Kaju to gift the program to your loved ones. Once you enter all details, we will setup an account for your loved ones, and reach out to them will all necessary details.