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Kaju turns your mobile into a motion sensing gaming and learning device!
What is Kaju?

Kaju is a revolutionary new learning app for preschool children that is designed to make their afterschool time fun. The app is loaded with multiple hours of age – appropriate content for children. This includes motion based games, fun learning activities and exciting stories.

Kaju’s motion based games are designed based on the award winning motion recognition technology of Nayi Disha Studios.

Motion Based Games
Motion based games

Turn your mobile into a motion sensing gaming and learning device to play and learn with Kaju

Learning Activities

Innovative games and activities that cover concepts across Maths, English and General Knowledge


Exciting stories to inculcate reading as a habit

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Why motion based games?

Children, we know love to hop,skip and jump; and are full of energy. Research has shown that being physically active during the learning process helps children understand ideas and concepts better in the early years.

With our motion-recognition technology, we turn your phone/tablet into a motion sensing gaming and learning devide that keeps your child physically active even when they are learning or playing digital games on mobile or TV.

We use different sensors (accelerometer and camera) in your device to make this magic happen.

Kaju is loved and recommended by renowned educators!

Kaju is already a part of 100+ preschools across India where Children learn different concepts across English, Math and General Knowledge with Kaju’s movement based learning modules.

‘Children learn best on their feet and not on their sear. That’s exactly what we achieved with Nayi Disha’

– Swati Popat Vats, Podar Education Network

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Why Kaju?
Kaju activities are designed by experts for your child’s all-round development!
motion based

Motion Based Games for

Physical Development
motion based

Learning Activities for

Brain Development
motion based

Stories for

Reading Skills Development
motion based

Family Activities for

Social-Emotional Development
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Kaju activities are designed for children 2-6 years old!
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“My Child loves Kaju! Not only does he learn while being physically active, Kaju also teaches him many good habits which counters what he otherwise picks up from TV.” – Anil M.
“Kaju is my son’s favourite. Infact it is the biggest incentive that gets him to school everyday.”– Dr. Shweta
“Kaju is lovable. It is fun to learn with Kaju”– Gulab Vaswani
“Very good app for kids to learn in a playful way” – Chandrashekhar Balaji
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