Turn your mobile into a motion sensing gaming device!

Smart Afterschool Activities for Children between 2 & 6 years!
What is Kaju?
Kaju is an after school program that is carefully designed for all round development of the children. It completely reimagines how families think of and use screen time.

Children can explore Kaju's magical world through fun learning activities, beautiful stories, movement based games, and much more, all from the comfort of anywhere in the world - simply on their iOS and Android devices!
Kaju helps children learn and develop skills across the board. Learn more.

What's Inside the Kaju App
Afterschool Learning Activities

Kaju offers hundreds of hours of content in the form of rich games, creative stories and family activities. The games are a unique blend of movement based activities that get children to be physically active and engaging mind-bending puzzles. Our innovative games and activities designed by experts, cover concepts across Math, English, General Knowledge and Music.
Kaju Stories

Kaju offers a series of creatively crafted stories designed to stimulate emotional and social learning in your child. Exciting stories from Kaju's universe inculcate reading habits, and add new dimensions to your child's imagination!
Movement Based Games

One of the biggest complaints parents have with digital games for children is that they encourage a passive and sedentary lifestyle for children. Well... No more! With our proprietary motion-recognition technology, you can turn your phone/tablet into a motion sensing gaming device that keeps your child physically active!

Why Kaju?
Designed for children between 2 and 6
Ensures productive screen-time for children
Once setup, requires no parent intervention
Can be accessed from anywhere in the world
Recommended by renowned educationists
Works on both Android & iOS
How does it work?

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